Why is Youth Power?


This world is captivated by youth because youth is a game changer. Youthful people have a different view on old views. They see things differently compared to the more matured people of this world. It’s amusing how the young believe they need to gain knowledge and experience to go after what they truly desire in that moment. But in fact the Youthful group brings inspiration to the older. Whereas the older are already drained by life. Their outlook on everything is already determined by their youthful experiences. Young people bring beauty with no effort or purpose because youth symbolizes a new birth. All in all its power because everybody wants to be beautiful. Being desired is a dark embodiment of society. Who doesn’t want to be young? Having all their life ahead of them, able to make as many mistakes your heart desires and not being tainted by what life eventually throws at you.

Youth is power to the individual and power is youth. At the end of it what will you gain from it?

Being youthful is a fortune that passes with wisdom and age. Experience mold you into different persons. This world is captivated by beauty. Youth is power but the moment can be fleeting.

4 thoughts on “Why is Youth Power?

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂 Though I see that sometimes is looked at with condescension, or that the ‘mature’ don’t realize the true power of youth. Maybe it’s just my ageist society, but I feel as though youth is too often disregarded (and i can go on and on about this because it’s close to home :P). Anyway great post :))

  2. love how you write, very inspirational…by the way you have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen, tell me how do you take care of them? you are a lovely boy, love your style!

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