Growing up as a boy

Growing up I was the boy with a curious mind always asking why I am here. Why am I alive? And why is the beautiful blue skies blue? My mother couldn’t answer half of my questions and just brushed it off laughing and gave me a kiss on my forehead. To this day no one can really answer my questions, because those are questions I am supposed to discover myself as time and experiences pass me by. I make the choice now to believe what is truth and what is completely lies that are said to make life feel much more meaningful and special. The sad truth is that everyone wants to be special and that’s not the case, some naturally shine brighter in the night skies while others dim out and fade away in a distance. But I always knew that wouldn’t be me. I mean, I always hope that won’t be me. God knows I live on hope every day and every second of my life. It’s the only thing that has kept me going in this world really… from all the unfortunate events that has happened to me this far in life I can only pray to find what I’m looking for.

xx- One True Boy

3 thoughts on “Growing up as a boy

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