Long Way From Home

Long Way From Home,

I never really feel at home if I stay in one spot for too long. Then again I never really have a choice in the matter…do I?
Maybe I was born in the wrong city or maybe I just pretend to be. Love me baby, Just love me ❤

A long way from home is a long way from happiness
I didn’t know what to expect for today or tomorrow but I believe in dreams
and I believe in the kindness of strangers
It’s necessary to keep walking on that long road
No one ever said the shortest roads lead to gold
or maybe my madness blinds me to believe so

Reflections and choices are what leads to my madness
Risks are necessary in this life
Rejection is apart of everyone
Religion is what gives me hope
God knows I live on hope
doesn’t everyone? at the end of the day
Regrets are just mistakes never learned

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