beauty touches everyone

I haven’t been on this Blog in Such a Long time! I have been working on myself and truly deciding what it is I want to do with myself and my life. Saying it out loud in this way even sounds pathetic, because I probably have made a similar post in 2014. 3 years down the life line and now I’m 22 holding onto dearly my dreams and aspirations from when I was in my teen years. I wonder if other people have felt similar feelings/thoughts around this age? When are you suppose to move on from your dreams? When are you suppose to become an adult and pursue a serious Career? PLEASE ANSWER ME!

Your probably wondering what my dreams are or is…I think every artist tries to not declare themselves in any one field until they reach it on some level. My dream has always been to be an actor on television, especially Disney channel! haha, but even before that I wanted to be an Androgynous Fashion Model traveling the world. (Thanks to Tyra Banks’ ‘Americas Next Top Model’ For creating that dream! and now in my recent two years I find myself writing a lot of poems and passages that sound beautiful to me and singing them in the shower or at the beach by myself. I take pictures of special places or people, and record pretty images to match my lyrics. If you want to see any of my filming Visit (OneTrueBoy) on youtube ā¤ My point is now I’m really getting into song writing and videography. Maybe I’m a triple threat šŸ˜‰

I’ve always been this way, always searching for something to express my potential and creativity. I’ve always changed myself to express or be whatever I wanted to be. I never once doubted or felt I had to be better at one thing. I enjoy many arts. I guess now the battle is deciding which one to completely dive into and give it one hundred percent.

Being Gay and feminine to the point where I even get confused a bit for being a girl is also a challenge I face daily in pursuing these careers in entertainment. I can see as well how it can be an advantage by differentiating me from others, but the real point where I’m trying to get at is no matter what you look like, who you are; it is soo very important to find your strengths and find what make YOU different, enhance any one of those traits, make it your own, and show the world how great you are in your own way. It’s a very important message to me that is hard to express, but I think this first post to my new journey fits perfectly. Thanks for whoever took the time to read this, and if you have any comments feel free to reach out!!

Much love,

xx- One True BoyStreet Pose



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