About me

I’m One True Boy ❤

Welcome to my blog and thank you soo much for visiting! I hope you get some entertainment. My whole website is mainly about fashion, advice and life. I Share my experiences like a Diary.

I have many goals and aspirations that I thought try and express it here for people to enjoy anywhere around the world. Growing up I’ve always wanted to be a model and actor. But found that to be challenging because their aren’t many roles right off the bat for the LGBT community. Instead of just dreaming, I decided to make my own YouTube channel, and find photographers to take my own pictures. However I want to express, and that’s very important to do in life. Express yourself however you desire. My motto has always been the same in that Confidence is Power, and Power is Confidence.

If you would like to contact me regarding my blog/vlog. Feel free to do so @ OnlyTrueBoy@gmail.com

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
~ your one true boy

28 thoughts on “About me

    • Thank you metro punk! So important to showcase modeling in a unique way. (Especially using gay guys) I love your edgy vision. And mysterious demeanor. I would love to collaborate with you maybe, by writing a piece to match one picture. Or tie in a concept or story to one of your pictures. If you sound interested, email me 🙂 @


      Best wishes!

      Xx- onetrueboy

  1. You don’t need to know what you need to be, because you need be nothing other than just yourself. You’re beautiful as who you are. 🙂
    And it is okay if you don’t know yourself completely and it baffles you, because hey,that’s what life is about- finding our-everchanging-selves. It just never ends.

    • ❤ awww your so sweet for saying this! Thank you for reading my about section lol…. You are right though, its okay to keep changing until you find the most happiest you. Even at that point you can still keep growing…

      • And nah, do not thank me for reading this because I ain’t doing so out of obligation* but because your blog genuinely interested me.
        (*like many do here on WordPress and Instagram- I follow you-you follow me-we both have more followers)

        I like the authenticity in what you write and thus reflected rawness. It is so imperfectly human that it’s intriguing and convincing all at the same time. Keep posting, would love to read more that comes from you.

  2. Oh dear Pip. Being gay is not a disease. It can´t be caught. In affairs of the heart, one should be free to demonstrate their love in whatever way they see fit. These two guys wanting to commit to each other does not in any way affect you or anyone else. Love between two adults, no matter their sexual preference should be celebrated and not damned. By the way Pip, I´m gay.That is who I am and I refuse to hide myself from the world to protect those that feel threatened by it. Get over it!

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